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~Our next enrollment will be in Summer 2022~

Fall Open House will be in August - this is for our regular season that ends with our annual recital in June.

Summer Schedule 2022

Fall Schedule 2021 - 2022
*This session ends with our annual recital in June. 
Registration for Fall 2022-2023 will begin in August 2022.
*CLOSED* indicates a class is at full capacity.

5:00-5:45 Ballet 2 $40 Miss Blair
5:45-6:30 Team- Jazz 2** (+Ballet) $68 Miss Blair
6:00-6:30 Basic Dance (ages 3 & 4) $36 Miss Steph
6:30-7:00 Team-Mini Jazz** (+Basic) $62 Miss Steph
6:30-7:00 Hip Hop Elementary $36 Miss Shelby
6:30-7:00 Tap Jr/Sr $36 Miss Blair
7:00-7:30 Jazz Elem/Jr $36 Miss Shelby
7:00-7:45 Team-Lyrical 2** (+Ballet) $68 Miss Steph
7:45-8:45 Team-Lyrical 3** (+Ballet) $75 Miss Steph

5:30-6:00 Basic Dance (ages 3 & 4) $36 Miss Ashley *CLOSED*
5:30-6:00 Team-Baton Mini (+Basic) $62 Miss Brenda
6:00-6:30 Ballet Primary $36 Miss Ashley ​​​​​​​*CLOSED*
6:00-6:30 Baton Elementary $36 Miss Brenda
6:00-6:30 Team-Jazz 1 (+Ballet) $66 Miss Alycia
6:30-7:00 Tap Primary $36 Miss Ashley
6:30-7:15 Team-Baton 1 (+Ballet) $68 Miss Brenda
​​​​​​​6:30-7:15 Ballet 2 $40 Miss Alycia
7:00-7:30 Jazz Primary $36 Miss Ashley *CLOSED*
7:15-8:00 Team-Baton 2 (+Ballet) Miss Brenda
7:30-8:15 Acro Primary $40 Miss Ashley

5:00-5:45 Ballet 1 $40 Miss Alycia *CLOSED*
5:15-6:15 Team-Jazz 3** (+Ballet) $75 Miss Blair
5:45-6:15 Team-Lyrical 1** (+Ballet) $66 Miss Alycia
6:15-7:15 Ballet 3 $45 Miss Alycia
7:15-7:45 Adult Jazz $36 Miss Blair
7:15-8:00 Pointe- Additional Ballet 3 Mandatory $75 Miss Alycia
7:45-8:15 Adult Tap $36 Miss Blair
8:15-8:45 Adult Baton $36 Miss Brenda
8:45-9:30 Adult Contemporary $40 Miss Blair

5:00-5:30 Jazz Elementary $36 Miss Jessie
5:30-6:00 Tap Elementary $36 Miss Jessie
6:00-6:30 Basic Dance (ages 3 & 4) $36 Miss Jessie
6:30-7:00 Ballet Primary $36 Miss Jessie *CLOSED*
7:00-7:45 Acro Elementary $40 Miss Jessie
7:15-7:45 Hip Hop Elem/Jr $36 Mr Juan
7:45-8:15 Hip Hop Prim/Elem $36 Miss Jessie
7:45-8:30 Team-Hip Hop (+Ballet) $68 Mr Juan
~Online Payments~
You may choose one of the following options for processing your payment:

-Payment by check can be placed in the Mailbox, left at the front desk or mailed to the studio address.
(Put dancer's name in memo)

-Make a payment through your online banking to the studio address.

-Credit card payments may be made at the front desk.

-Automatic payments: We can also keep your credit card information on file and take care of this for you each month.

-PayPal payments can be made at dance.etc.huber@gmail.com
(Put your dancer's name in the notes)

Age Guidelines
~Teachers determine final placement~
Basic Dance ages 3 & 4
Primary ages 5-8
Elementary ages 9-12
Junior ages 13-15
Senior ages 15+
Team Ballet
~Teachers determine final placement~
Ballet 1 Primary/Elementary
Ballet 2 Elementary/Junior
Ballet 3 Junior/Senior

Registration Fee $10
*$5 per additional family member
Due at the time of enrollment
*$20 family maximum

Late Fee $10
if not paid by the 10th day of the month
Returned Payment Fee $25
$5 discount each additional class
***Special pricing on Team + Ballet/addl class***​​​​​​​

Statements & news updates sent
via email monthly

Recital Fee is $65
per family
 If Paid after December 31, cost is $75.
This fee is billed in October to help secure our Recital date and venue for our show.

Each family will receive 4 show tickets.
Additional tickets may be purchased for
$10 in advance/$15 at the door.

Auditorium seating is on a
first come basis.
​​​​​​​Please let us know 30 days prior to the show if you require handicapped seating.

Costume Deposit
is $30 ea.
billed in November

Costume balance is due in January. 

Average costume cost is $75-$120.
We will do our best to keep this cost down.
A costume can not be purchased for your student without your full payment.

Baton & Dance Teams
Competition fees are due in
Team Costume fees are due in